NYMIHA Supports Gov Bill on Community Paramedicine

Feb 12, 2018 by

NYMIHA has been working hard over the past several years to work with other stakeholders both within and outside of EMS to raise awareness about the need for legislation to help enable EMS to become a more integrated part of our healthcare system with the ability to not only respond to emergencies, but to work in collaboration with hospitals, physicians, and other community health stakeholders to help prevent emergencies as well.

Thanks to our persistence, CP legislation is more likely than ever. Community Paramedicine was among the top recommendations of the NYS Dept of Health’s “Regulatory Modernization Initiative” and as such, was included in this year’s governor’s budget bill.

The language is also uniquely balanced between allowing for flexibilty in the creation of community paramedicine programs while ensuring collaboration, not duplication, with other healthcare stakeholder groups.

NYMIHA is pleased to support this legislation and would urge all of our partners both within and beyond EMS to support the bill. Our letter of support can be accessed here: NYMIHA MIS re Gov CP Bill.

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