NY Community Paramedicine Legislation Discussion – Pros & Cons

Apr 25, 2017 by

Thanks to those of you who gave feedback already. There are some supporters, but others have raised concerns. Here’s a few tidbits from the discussion.


  • “Recognizes CPs as playing a role in reducing hospitalizations and ED visits”
  • “Positive first step. Seems specifically related to DSRIP or ACO type of population health initiatives and not general practices.”


  • “I have concerns related to the requirement of home health being attached to all MIH/CP initiatives”
  • “Under Section 1 where it states “… the collaborative shall minimally comprise …” – does that mean that any CP program must incorporate all those partners or just any one of them singularly?”


  • “Is there a reason it is under Article 29, not Article 30 (which lists the other EMS-related legislation)?”

While it is very tempting to support a bill that seems to “enable” community paramedicine, it is very important that the EMS industry (and NYMIHA) take steps to better understand the implications of this legislation.

What types of programs will be authorized under this bill?
Whose approval will be required?
What programs will be effectively prohibited?

NYMIHA will need to take a position on the bill soon! We are hoping to do so in concert with a number of other EMS organizations in New York State.

If you have not yet given feedback, please read the bill A2733-A_S5588 – Community Paramedicine

Then give us your feedback! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G6PFGBY


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