New Legislation Proposed in New York State for Community Paramedicine

May 19, 2015 by

The legal and regulatory barriers to EMS innovation are often cited as some of the most significant barriers to integrating EMS into the healthcare system. In September of last year, SEMSCO endorsed a framework for Community Paramedicine in New York State with recommendations, including legal and regulatory, to facilitate Community Paramedicine in New York State. Since that milestone document was published there has been a lot of progress in the New York state government. Currently, both the New York state Assembly and Senate have matching Bills coming out of their respective Committees on Health to promote Community Paramedicine. It has been introduced by Member of the Assembly Richard Gottfried and sponsored in the Senate by Senator Kemp Hannon.

NYMIHA is in full support of these matching bills which propose to amend the public health law to explicitly allow EMS providers to operate in a wider variety of circumstances than they currently do. This legislation will help EMS in New York state to become more patient-centered, more adaptive to changes in healthcare, and more integrated into the continuum of healthcare delivery and public health. It does this by adding language to Article 30 of the public health law defining and stating the purpose of community paramedicine, establishes that “medical control” will apply to community paramedicine programs, and provides for the regulation of community paramedicine by the health commissioner. The term ‘Community Paramedicine’ is described in the document as the “…practice of an Emergency Medical Technician…within the scope of practice, education and training of the EMT…in circumstances other than the initial emergency medical care…”. We have released the official NYMIHA Memorandum In Support of A07503 and S05481.

This is a very significant moment for EMS and the healthcare community in New York State and we ask all of our members to sign and send a letter to their Senator and Assembly Member to support this legislation (see the downloadable template below) Additionally, we encourage everyone to get their friends, relatives, colleagues and any other interested parties to send letters to their New York State Senator and Assembly Member. The following links should help you locate and contact your representatives:

Find your New York State Assembly Member using your address

Find your New York State Senator using your address

Below we have posted the Template Letter to a Legislator (The Editable Word Doc can be downloaded HERE) , the proposed legislation, and the official NYMIHA memo in support. If you have not already, join NYMIHA for the latest news and developments in mobile integrated healthcare and community paramedicine.

-Hugh Chapin, Executive Director

Template for Letter to Legislator

The Proposed New York State Community Paramedicine Legislation

Official NYMIHA Memorandum In Support

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