ImageTrend Community Paramedicine Data App

May 1, 2015 by

ImageTrend Emergency Data Systems has created a connected data application that will facilitate documentation in community paramedicine and mobile integrated health care programs. The application provides a comprehensive view of patients’ conditions, treatments and success factors, therefore enabling better outcomes.

This application is successful with respect to CP/MIH programs as it allows community paramedics to:

– Share patient info with hospitals and other care providers
– Measure results in patient compliance and cost savings
– Complete reporting and analysis for outcome based quality improvement.

Commonly used documentation types on this application are tailored to issues that a lot of community paramedicine and mobile integrated health care programs aim to tackle. These include:

– Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
– High utilizers
– Home safety
– Activities of daily living
– Mental health
– Social support

As efficient data sharing is very essential to a successful community paramedicine program, advancements and developments in technology such as this pave a very promising future for community paramedicine.

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