Enhancing Medical Patient Records in EMS

May 6, 2015 by

When considering the role of EMS in the future of medical care, a vital component is the way we currently use EMS records in the hospital process.In the current system, EMS records are not regarded as significant sources of information as they merely contain information regarding legal and financial matters, and play almost no role in a patient’s official medical record.

Medical Director Cameron Decker, is working on enhancing current EMS records to function in a framework similar to that of the physicians records where the primary goal is to have records that serve the purpose of continuity and enhanced quality of care by showing a progression of medical care history.
Decker also discusses that an essential aspect of this is improving the quality and accuracy of our current electronic patient care reports (ePCR) in order to advanced EMS out of outdated PCR records into more accurate ePCR data that enhances collaboration with the medical history of patients.

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