5R’s of Community Paramedicine

Jun 12, 2015 by

Community paramedicine and mobile integrated healthcare is focused on navigating patients to the right level of care. Such programs send paramedics with additional training and education into the homes of various patients to enhance patient education and extend primary care in areas that have a shortage of basic health resources. However, while the goals of CP/MIH are groundbreaking, most people can’t yet get paid for the work they do in this field, therefore Jonathan Feit, NYMIHA member, and cofounder and chief executive officer of Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc., an IT firm committed to connecting first responders with care facilities, explained the Five R’s of Community paramedicine and mobile integrated healthcare for agencies that want to get involved.

Reason: Identify exactly why you want to take part in CP/MIH programs

Rights: Does your state allow for other programs to be implemented where patients can be taken to facilities other than the hospital after an emergency call?

Revenues: There won’t be a lot of returns and the expenses need to be justified.

Region: Following through with a completely new set of procedures requires strong support from the community. Will the local doctors be okay with taking patients to different facilities? What funds and grants will be available to you to underwrite the CP/MIH costs?

Records: It is necessary to acquire the appropriate tools and procedures to collect EMS-oriented data as it is vital to prevent hospital re-admissions.

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