What is

Mobile Integrated Healthcare?

(a.k.a. Community Paramedicine)

The provision of healthcare using patient-centered, mobile resources in the out-of-hospital environment in a coordinated manner with physicians, hospitals, and other providers.

It encompasses a myriad of potential expanded roles of EMT’s, Paramedics, and EMS systems, as well as collaborations with other types of providers, to provide higher quality patient-centered care and helping to prevent emergencies before they begin.

Statement of Need

• Current role of EMS is limited to transporting all patients to emergency departments.
• Significant percentage of EMS calls and ED visits are for non-urgent conditions.
• This paradigm is costly to healthcare systems and not patient-centered.
• Health Systems are facing new incentives to reduce admissions for ambulatory sensitive conditions through coordination of care as a part of health care reform.

• Out-of-Hospital Care (a.k.a EMS) Systems are increasingly sophisticated and capable of providing a wide variety of treatments.
• Telemedicine capabilities are robust, widely available and increasingly affordable.
• Health Care delivery system reform is gaining momentum. Organizations are seeking innovative care models to improve health, improve quality and lower cost.
• The most vulnerable patients are already being transported by EMS to and from the hospital.

Community Paramedicine
• An umbrella term describing all of the potential innovative and expanded roles that EMS can perform for our healthcare system.
• Different for every system and geographical area.
• Flexible to fill needs not being met by existing health care resources.
• Leverages existing underutilized community resources to improve healthcare delivery.

What could it do for New York?
• Reduce the strain on EMS and ED resources
• Improve the quality and coordination of care provided to the public
• Fill some of the gaps in the existing healthcare system and prevent readmissions.
• Increase the value that Out-of-Hospital Care (EMS) provides to society


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