Success Around The Nation

City of Dallas Creative Improvement on EMS and Revenue Development

Congestive Heart Failure Readmission Prevention Program

This is an overview of MedStar’s CHF program. It began in 2010 and in the first 3 years they saw the readmission rate for CHF patients reduced from 21% to 8.6%.

“How MedStar’s Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program Restored Patient’s Hope”

JEMS published an article about how patients see MIH programs from their point of view. It focuses on Antoine Hall who talks about how she was given the tools to learn more about the symptoms of her condition and how she can take care of herself without going back to the ED.

MedStar CHF Expenditure Savings Analysis

MedStar published their expenditure saving analysis for their CHF program.

MedStar MIH Outcome Reports 4-30-14

This is MedStar’s analysis of their MIH program from June 2012 to May 2014.

MedStar’s Expenditure Savings Analysis – Community Health Program

MedStar publishes their expenditure savings analysis for the first year of their community health program.

MedStar Observation Admission Avoidance Program Overview

This is a program overview of MedStar’s initiative to reduce readmissions.

MedStar’s Patient Self-Assessment of Health Status

Medstar publishes their patient’s assessments of their own health for July 2013.

Program Overview – High Utilizer 9-1-1/Emergency Department Patients

This is a overview of the components of MedStar’s Community Health Program.

Portland/Vancouver Metro Area EMS Providers Community Healthcare Program White Paper – 2014

EMS providers in the Vancouver-Portland area have been coming together to address the healthcare challenges the community has been facing. This white paper outlines three proposed community health programs: 911-Nurse Triage, EMS-Low Acuity Triage, and Community Paramedics.

Snohomish County, Washington’s SB 5591

Washington’s Snohomish County is working on changing legislature in order to allow EMS to develop community assistance referral programs and education service programs.

St. Paul Community Paramedicine Program

Video on the community paramedicine program in St Paul put together by Allina Health System.

The Evidence for Community Paramedicine in Rural Areas: State and Local Findings and the Role of the State Flex Program

This study highlights community paramedicine programs being implemented in rural areas and examines the challenges faced when implementing these programs as well as the support received by the Flex program.

Western Eagle, Colorado EMS

One of the pioneers in community paramedicine, WECAD also shares valuable resources and advice for other agencies interested in learning from what they have achieved.
In 2010, Western Eagle County published an evaluation report for the first two years of its community paramedicine program. It’s a great resource for the development of new programs.