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As New York seeks to find legislation that to enable community paramedicine, consider exploring the pages of other states that have enabled community paramedicine. It is a growing list:

New Mexico
North Carolina

CP Legislation Has Been Passed in At Least 15 States!

As New York seeks to find legislation that to enable community paramedicine, check out this list of states that have enabled community paramedicine. Let us […]Read More »

New Community Paramedicine Legislation Introduced!!

But do we like it?

NYMIHA just learned of new community paramedicine legislation introduced in New York State. Senator Hannon and Assemblyman Gottfried have introduced A2733 / S5588 and it […]Read More »

D.C. Looking to Decouple Ambulance Transportation and Reimbursement

Washington D.C. is looking at a new business model to fix it’s 911 woes- forcing insurers to pay for ambulance service, regardless if the patient […]Read More »

Ambulance Reform Act

You may not know it but there is currently a major piece of EMS legislation in Congress.  The Medicare Ambulance Access, Fraud Prevention and Reform […]Read More »

Community Paramedicine Services Act in Pennsylvania

Across the state of Pennsylvania, various community paramedicine initiatives have been implemented in Erie, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Lancaster. Their successes have generally indicated to legislators that it’s […]Read More »

State Legislation and Community Paramedicine

Advances in healthcare delivery practices and legislation necessarily go hand in hand, and this is certainly true of community paramedicine. Why is legislation so important? […]Read More »

Gathering Momentum: Recent Legislative Action on Community Paramedicine

Despite the best efforts of paramedics, physicians and other health workers, determined promotion of healthcare provision within the community is sometimes not enough to create and sustain successful Mobile […]Read More »

New York Telehealth Services Now Covered By Insurance

Beginning January 1, 2016, telehealth services are now covered by both commercial insurance and Medicaid in New York State, marking a new era of more affordable and […]Read More »

The Need for Community Paramedicine

Doctor shortages in many rural regions across the US have led to paramedics stepping up to address the needs of these communities. Community paramedicine is […]Read More »

Promoting Innovations in EMS: National Steering Committee Webcasts

The Promoting Innovations in EMS (P.I.E.) Project hosted the National Steering Committee Meeting last month, where current barriers to improving EMS in the U.S. were […]Read More »

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