All of our subcommittees are open to anyone who might be interested.  It is in these committees that we actually go beyond discussion and try to push forward to make community paramedicine a reality in NYC.

Legal / Regulatory Committee  This subcommittee has reviewed all of the statutes, regulations, policies and procedures that describe what EMS and EMS personnel are allowed or not allowed to do in NYS and in NYC.  They are assembling a package of recommended changes (“enabling language”) to allow for formal community paramedicine programs in NY.

Public Relations CommitteeThis subcommittee is strategically planning our engagement with all of the various parties that may be involved or effected by community paramedicine programs in NYC. They have successfully engaged with the NYC Regional EMS Advisory Council (REMSCO) and the Greater NY Hospital Association (GNYHA) and will seek support from a variety of other organizations in NYS.

Financial Reform Committee – This subcommittee will advocate to both public and private payors to reform the reimbursement model for EMS here in NYS and work to describe and demonstrate the potential value proposition from using EMS in an expanded role.

Health Information Technology Committee – This subcommittee will research and explore technological opportunities and barriers that pertain to the effective implementation of community paramedicine including realtime bidirectional data exchange of medical records, telemedicine, and more.

Workforce & Education Committee – This committee will explore the issues related to training, education and medical oversight that may be required to safely expand the roles of EMS providers to provide higher quality, patient centered emergency and non-emergency care.