Our Interns

Kristina Flemming (2014-2015)
Candidate for a B.S. in Neuroscience and Behavior at Columbia University

Kristina joined the NYMIHA team in August 2014 where she has been working on membership outreach and engagement as well as assisting in the management of the organization’s social media platforms. Her main interests include developing proposals for the improvement of mental health care. She is currently researching ways EMS can play a role in advancing the current state of mental health care treatment.

Chandler Zhang (2014)
Candidate for degree in Health Administration and recently completed a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management at Hofstra University

Chandler started his internship with NYMIHA in September 2014. He worked on several projects at the NYMIHA executive administration level as well as Public Relations planning and represented NYMIHA at the 2nd Annual Ulster County EMS Education Day. His personal and professional interests in the administration and management of health care resources were a great fit with NYMIHA.

Alyeah Ramjit, MS (2014)
Candidate for a Master’s degree in Health Administration at Hofstra University

Alyeah started her internship with NYMIHA in September 2014. She has been involved in many areas, such as Healthcare Leadership Outreach and representing NYMIHA at the 2nd Annual Ulster County EMS Education Day. She will be graduating from Hofstra University this May with a Master in Health Administration and her career pursuit is to be in Hospital Operations.

Jayati Verma (2015)
Candidate for a B.A. in Applied Mathematics and Biology at Columbia University

Jayati Verma joined the NYMIHA team during the summer of 2015, during which she primarily worked on NYMIHA’s Promoting Innovations in EMS (P.I.E.) project and NYMIHA’s social media strategy. After graduating college, Jayati looks to work towards sustainable, community-centered, data-centered healthcare change and is also interested in medical informatics.

Rachel Kopunova (2015)
Candidate for a B.A. in Biology and Financial Economics at Columbia University

Rachel was a part of the NYMIHA team between April and November 2015. She has been involved in various projects at NYMIHA such as the organization`s social media platform and the Financial Reform Committee. She has also worked on NYMIHA’s Promoting Innovations in EMS (P.I.E.) project. After graduating from college she plans to pursue further studies in medicine and possibly a career in healthcare administration and management.


“My time at NYMIHA has been instrumental in facilitating the development of public health issues I am most passionate about as well as my growth in knowledge of health care systems. I’ve acquired incredibly valuable skills and experiences that will aid me in the next stages of my professional career.”
-Kristina Flemming (Intern 2014-2015)

“I felt so lucky for the opportunity to work with Dr. Munjal and Dr. Chapin at NYMIHA. During the semester, I learned about expanding the role of EMT’s and Paramedics to provide higher quality, patient-centered pre-hospital care and helping to prevent acute medical complications of chronic conditions. I learned how a public health organization works, how to network with health care stakeholders, and develop my skills and understanding on Health Policy & Management, Communications, Leadership, Program Planning, and Systems Thinking. Through the NYMIHA internship, I have brought lots of knowledge, ideas, and visions back to school to help enrich my studies.”
-Chandler Zhang (Intern 2014)

“NYMIHA has helped me enhance my knowledge of EMS and the importance that it plays in healthcare. The time that I have spent with this organization has provided me with insight into the healthcare system that I will continue to use throughout my career. Drs. Munjal and Chapin are wonderful mentors who are always willing to guide and help in any way possible. This experience is like no other!”
-Alyeah Ramjit (Intern 2014)

“My time at NYMIHA was filled with opportunity after opportunity to learn about current healthcare structure in the US, not only from Drs. Munjal and Chapin, but also from leaders in EMS across the country. My work was intimately connected to relevant issues in healthcare policy and structural development, and Drs. Munjal and Chapin consistently encouraged me to share my ideas regarding NYMIHA. My involvement with NYMIHA was crucial to shaping my professional goals.”
-Jayati Verma (Intern 2015)

“Under the wonderful mentorship of Dr. Munjal and Dr. Chapin I had the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of EMS and to grasp the complexity of many issues in health care and the necessity of cooperation between its different components. By interning at NYMIHA I had a chance to explore the issues in public health that I am passionate about and learn new skills and knowledge that I`m sure will be very useful in my future professional career!”
-Rachel Kopunova (Intern 2015)