Dr. Munjal at Pinnacle

Jul 26, 2016 by

This past week NYMIHA Founder and Promoting Innovations in EMS (PIE) co-leader Dr. Kevin Munjal presented at the Pinnacle EMS Management conference in San Antonio.  Dr. Munjal presented on EMS innovation and its relationship to healthcare.  He spoke about PIE’s seven areas of challenge for EMS and provided five key tips for EMS innovation.

  1. Excel at your core mission
  2.  Promote a culture favorable for innovation
  3.  Constantly engage partners to understand where the needs are
  4.  Get data to get funding
  5.  Begin planning for sustainability before beginning the pilot.

Dr. Munjal also encouraged EMS leaders to do the following- study innovation, promote innovation and promote paramedic education.

See the article below for EMS1’s summary of his presentation.  Also, join NYMIHA now to get the latest news on mobile integrated healthcare.

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