New York Telehealth Services Now Covered By Insurance

Feb 1, 2016 by

Beginning January 1, 2016, telehealth services are now covered by both commercial insurance and Medicaid in New York State, marking a new era of more affordable and accessible healthcare for New York patients.

What is telehealth? People have been telephoning and emailing their doctors for decades, but more recent technological integration in private homes and medical practices alike mean that providers are able to deliver health care services without being physically with their patients. Telehealth is defined as provision of health services through live video chat, pre-recorded video instructions pre-recorded by healthcare providers and/or remote patient monitoring. Under recent New York telehealth laws, patients can be diagnosed, treated, educated and managed by their physician through technological communication, and this year insurance companies are required to cover these telemedicine services to the same extent that they cover in-person services.

Telemedicine is separate from mobile integrated healthcare – though, in a literal sense, it can be administered through mobile devices – but it is increasingly integrated into various aspects of EMS. Regardless of definitions, healthcare delivery models are shifting, and telemedicine can stand with community paramedicine as yet another useful means to reach limited-access communities and high-frequency patients.

To read more about the New York telemedicine insurance coverage, see the full article here, and be sure to join NYMIHA for the latest news in mobile integrated healthcare.


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