Q: Does a Community Paramedic replace other health care systems or compete with other allied health professionals like home health care or visiting nurses?
A: No. A Community Paramedic would be able to enhance coordination of care between
existing prehospital systems, home care resources, and primary care teams.

Q: Is this program seeking to expand the scope of EMT’s or Paramedics?
A: No. A Community Paramedicine program seeks to harness the existing scope of practice and apply it to non-emergency settings to meet needs that would otherwise go unfilled.

Q: Is Community Paramedicine allowed in New York State?
A: Community Paramedicine is largely unaddressed by NYS law and regulations. While some small scale programs could be created within the bounds of existing regulations, there are several regulations in place that assume a narrow role for EMS. Some of these might be interpreted as prohibiting valuable community paramedicine programs. Achieving the full benefit to society of community paramedicine will require support from the NYS Dept of Health.

Q: How can I help?
A: There are numerous ways in which you can help advance the goals of this task force, and the amount of time you put in is completely up to you. On of the best ways to help is to join a subcommittee. This is where the bulk of the work gets discussed and performed.

Other examples of much needed assistance are:

Website Design
Developing Web Content
Letter writing
Economic Modeling
Legal Assistance
Coordinating Meetings
Member Recruitment
Organizing or Particpating in Focus Groups
Giving or Coordinating Presentations
Graphic Design
Posting Flyers

and much, much more!