EMS and Hospice Partnerships

A frequent error made in hospice care is when the hospice patient ends up in the emergency department- which is the exact opposite goal of […]Read More »

Community Paramedicine Offers Benefits Beyond Saving Money

  As a result of the Affordable Care Act which established Medicare reimbursement penalties for hospitals whose heart patients were readmitted within 30 days of treatment, hospitals now […]Read More »

Forging New Partnerships: Home Health and EMS

One way of making a mobile integrated healthcare/ community paramedicine program successful is by partnering with an existing home health agency. While the goals are […]Read More »

Video: Community Health Paramedic Program in Williamson County, Texas

Williamson County EMS introduces their Community Health Paramedic (CHP) program through a video, which includes patient testimonials about the impact community paramedicine and mobile integrated […]Read More »

Community Paramedicine Program in Plano, Texas

Below is a video detailing Plano Fire Rescue, Texas’ community paramedicine program that aims to prevent at-risk patients with chronic health conditions from returning to […]Read More »

Paramedic Qualifications Examined As Community Paramedicine Roles Are Expanded

As the roles of Paramedics are expanded under the community paramedicine model, their current qualifications and skills are being examined. Critics of the newly expanded […]Read More »

Texas Hospital District CP Program Sees Big Savings in First Year

Montgomery County started their community paramedic program just last year and the data is already showing that they are saving the hospital and EMS a […]Read More »

Travis Baker Appointed as the New Clinical Director of Montgomery County's Community Paramedicine Program

As of April 1st, Travis Baker has been selected to be the new clinical director of the Baylor College of Medicine’s the community paramedicine program. […]Read More »

Video: San Antonio Fire Implements New Mobile Integrated Health Care Program

Chronic abuse of emergency medical services costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year. In San Antonio, Texas, frequent 911 callers cost taxpayers almost $2 million […]Read More »

MedStar Innovates MIH By Choosing New Cloud Based Solution

We’ve reported several times on the innovative work that Fort Worth’s Medstar has been doing with community paramedicine and mobile integrated healthcare. They recently announced […]Read More »

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