State Legislation and Community Paramedicine

Apr 25, 2016 by

Advances in healthcare delivery practices and legislation necessarily go hand in hand, and this is certainly true of community paramedicine. Why is legislation so important? Laws need to be in place to define the role of non-emergent EMS and set up parameters for standardization, reimbursement, and training in the longterm.

Only five years ago, Minnesota was the first state to pass community paramedicine-specific legislation. Since then, several other states (including Missouri, Nevada and Washington) have done this as well.

In other states, legislators and healthcare workers alike are still considering the implications of community paramedicine through pilot programs. In some of these states, non-emergent care done by paramedics is explicitly prohibited by law, while others simply have no guidelines for this possibility. While legislation can somewhat limit the abilities of community paramedic programs, the support and legitimacy that it also provides is invaluable to the expansion of such programs.

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