Enabling Legislation Passed in 2015: Nevada Comm Paramedic Legis AB305 4-14-15

State Legislation and Community Paramedicine

Advances in healthcare delivery practices and legislation necessarily go hand in hand, and this is certainly true of community paramedicine. Why is legislation so important? […]Read More »

Gathering Momentum: Recent Legislative Action on Community Paramedicine

Despite the best efforts of paramedics, physicians and other health workers, determined promotion of healthcare provision within the community is sometimes not enough to create and sustain successful Mobile […]Read More »

Nevada Paramedics See Roles Expand

Paramedics in Nevada are a testing a new model in emergency medical care. The Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority received a 9.8 million dollar grant […]Read More »

Paramedics Steer Non-Emergency Patients Away From ERs

Around the country, the role of paramedics is changing, but more specifically, in places like Nevada and Arizona, the difference in roles can be seen […]Read More »

Video: REMSA's Affordable Care Act-funded EMS Innovation

KOLO8 News of Nevada published the video below about REMSA’s EMS innovation project. This is one of several EMS initiatives across the country that have […]Read More »

Community Paramedic Programs Proliferate Nationwide

MedStar in Fort Worth started one of the earliest community paramedicine programs in 2009 and now, according to one of their spokespersons, there are about […]Read More »

Baby Boomers Influence Innovations in Health Care, Including Community Paramedicine

Baby boomers are influencing health care in a major way by calling for more innovations in health care tools and technology. With advancements in technology, […]Read More »

REMSA doubles down on Community Paramedics

In 2012, Reno’s Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA) was granted $9.8 million from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services which they used […]Read More »

Stakeholders in California Have Different Views on Community Paramedicine Projects

There are many stakeholders that need to be considered in the future of Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) including EMS, Home Health Services, Nursing, Communications and […]Read More »

The International Roundtable of Community Paramedicine holds its 10th Annual Conference in Reno in September

The 10th annual International Roundtable on Community Paramedicine will be held in Reno early next month. Representatives from all over will come to discuss changes […]Read More »

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