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Butler County Commission Recognized For Forward Thinking in EMS

In February of this year, the Kansas EMT Association awarded the entire Butler County Commission Board with the Outstanding Elected Official Award. Usually awarded to […]Read More »

First CP/MIH Education Program Opens in Kansas

Cowley College, Kansas, is opening a new course for students interested in becoming community paramedics. The aim of this program in Community Paramedicine/Mobile Integrated Health […]Read More »

Working to Prevent Falls: A New Initiative of EMS in Newton, Kansas

The paramedic team of the Fire/EMS Department in Newton, Kansas, has launched a new program, which aims to prevent incidents requiring EMS attention from occurring. […]Read More »

Community Paramedic Programs Proliferate Nationwide

MedStar in Fort Worth started one of the earliest community paramedicine programs in 2009 and now, according to one of their spokespersons, there are about […]Read More »

Kansas Community Paramedicine Stakeholders Meeting

Continuing our Around the Nation series: The Kansas Emergency Medical Services Association (KEMSA) held a Community Paramedicine Stakeholders Meeting in July. They published the slide […]Read More »