New Community Paramedicine Program Grant Approved in Crawfordsville, Indiana

This January, the Crawfordsville Fire Department¬†received some good news; their funding application was approved, and they will receive over $150,000 to get their community paramedicine […]Read More »

Video: Firefighters start MIH program in Indiana

Paramedics with the Carmel Fire Department now how a new role- community paramedics. They respond alongside the ambulance to 911 calls. Once on scene, the […]Read More »

Community Paramedic Programs Proliferate Nationwide

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Community Paramedicine Programs Can Reduce Hospital Fines

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How the Affordable Care Act Will Affect EMS Systems

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IU School of Medicine Awarded HHS Grant to 'Treat the Streets'

Indiana University School of Medicine’s Emergency Department and an Indianapolis EMS group has recieved almost $900,000 from HHS for their Community Paramedicine initiative. They call […]Read More »

In Indiana, Community Paramedicine is Reducing CHF 30-day Readmission Rates and Frequent ED Visitors

An Indianapolis EMS system has created the Community Outreach and Resource Efficiency (CORE) Care Team to address patients that utilize the 911 system for routine […]Read More »