Partnering EMS and Mental Health Reduces Call Volume

  Last month, Nathan Stanaway’s article, “Community Paramedic Program Cuts Mental Health Patient Call Volume,” featured the Grady EMS Upstream Crisis Intervention Group, a community paramedicine […]Read More »

Clayton, GA Community Paramedicine Team Responds to Frequent Flyers

In Clayton, Georgia, a new community paramedicine pilot program targets the needs of the 35 most frequent 911 callers in the area, who cumulatively called over […]Read More »

Bringing Down "Frequent Fliers" in Atlanta

In the Grady Health System in Atlanta, GA, hundreds of mental health cases come into the ER repeatedly. To these “frequent fliers”, patients who bounce in […]Read More »

Clayton County Fire Department to Launch New Community Paramedicine Program

Beginning Monday, May 4th, Clayton County, GA launched its new Community Care Program, which will help address the lack of access to non-emergent forms of […]Read More »

Central Georgia MIH Program Handles Over 1,200 Patients Per Year

Grady Health System have been reducing their hospitals’ financial and service burden by implementing mobile integrated healthcare. Healthcare professionals treat patients out in the field […]Read More »

Community Paramedic Programs Proliferate Nationwide

MedStar in Fort Worth started one of the earliest community paramedicine programs in 2009 and now, according to one of their spokespersons, there are about […]Read More »

Community Paramedicine: A Legal Analysis

The Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response (ASPR) funded a legal analysis of Community Paramedicine (CP) / Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) for the Association of […]Read More »